What We Do

Makura Sport designs and manufactures high quality, competitively priced mouthguards for athletes around the world. All Makura mouthguard products (both our mouth-adapted and ready-made mouthguards) are CE certified by SATRA, an independent third party based in the United Kingdom. They are impact and innocuous tested as well as latex free to ensure ultimate protection for every athlete competing in contact sports.

About Makura Sport

Relentlessly Devoted to the Needs and Safety of the Athlete

Athlete safety is at the heart of what Makura Sport does. We began as Safety in Sport, a company dedicated to manufacturing personal protective equipment and products to keep sportspeople of all ages safe. Soon we realized there was one thing we had become exceptionally good at delivering—high quality mouthguards at affordable prices.

We’ve expanded since then, evolving from having one type of mouthguard available in three colours to five different products that come in an array of colours. Our mouthguards are produced in our dedicated factory using tooling that we own, and they feature proprietary technology like SHOKBLOKER outers, GELFORM liners, and FLEXICORE centres.

We make sure all our mouthguard products are independently tested to ensure compatibility with the latest standards. They are fully CE approved, having been tested and verified by SATRA, a UK-based and independent third party. Makura mouthguards have achieved Level 2 and 3 Impact Resistance (Level 3 ensuring the highest degree of protection for mouth-adapted mouthguards, while Level 2 is the highest achievable rating for ready-made mouthguards), have been innocuous tested, and are completely latex free.

At Makura Sport, our mission is simple: to provide our partners and customers with innovative products that exceed expectations and make us the protection of choice for athletes around the world.

Download our mission and vision statements [PDF]!

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