Makura Appoints Forelle as the Exclusive European Distributor for All of Our Strapped and Convertible Mouthguard Products

We are thrilled to announce that Forelle, a Netherlands-based sporting goods distributor specialising in American team sports (Baseball, Softball, and American Football), is now the exclusive distributor in Europe for all of our strapped and convertible mouthguards. All standard strapless mouthguard products will continue to be supplied directly by us from our distribution centre in the United Kingdom.

Makura products now available for purchase online through Forelle’s e-commerce platform and in physical retail stores include:

Forelle is also selling and distributing our anti-microbial mouthguard case, engineered with an incredibly effective and safe anti-microbial agent that has been tested to protect against more than 200 different types of contaminants.

“Since introducing convertible versions of our flagship products and launching the KYRO PRO™ in 2018, we have been eager to get these products into the hands, and mouths, of athletes throughout Europe,” said Robert Davies, Managing Director of Makura Sport. “Partnering with Forelle enables us to store and ship product directly from their warehouse in the Netherlands and tap into the specialised markets in which Forelle have spent several decades establishing their presence and expertise.”

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