Can I play contact sports with a Makura mouthguard?

Makura’s mouthguards are suitable for players of any sport, contact and non-contact. All of our products are CE certified and have achieved Level 2 and Level 3 Impact Resistance through independent testing. The IGNIS™ CONVERTIBLE is Level 2 Impact Resistant. It...

How do I find my size?

The IGNIS™ CONVERTIBLE is available in two sizes: Junior for age 10 and under. Senior for age 11 and over. Ultimately finding the right size mouthguard is a highly personal process influenced by the size of your mouth, its shape, and your own individual...

Do Makura mouthguards contain any harmful materials?

No, our mouthguards do not contain any harmful materials. As part of the CE approval process, all of our mouthguard products (including the IGNIS™ CONVERTIBLE) undergo innocuous and chemical testing to ensure the materials they contain won’t hurt or negatively affect...
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