California-Based Location Means Quick Delivery of Strapped, Strapless, and Convertible Mouthguards to Distributors Throughout the US

Welcome to California SignWe are excited to announce that we have officially established distribution capabilities in the US! Located in California, our new hub will enable us to provide rapid deliveries and serve distributors and customers throughout the US.

Makura mouthguards available in the US include:

  • KYRO PRO™ (Strapped and Strapless): This boil-and-bite mouthguard features a SHOKBLOKER™ outer, an AIRTHRU channel, and SLIPSAFE™ pads. It’s available in both junior and senior sizes and comes in either black or clear.
  • TOKA™ CONVERTIBLE: A super tough SHOKBLOKER™ outer provides superior protection, while BOIL & BITE™ technology ensures a secure, comfortable fit. The TOKA™ CONVERTIBLE comes with a detachable helmet strap, is available in both junior and senior sizes, and comes in six colours.
  • IGNIS™ CONVERTIBLE: The IGNIS™ CONVERTIBLE combines a SHOKBLOKER™ outer with a GELFORM™ liner to deliver protection, comfort, and fit. It comes with a detachable helmet strap, is available in two sizes (junior and senior), and can be purchased in up to nine colour combinations.
  • TEPHRA MAX™ CONVERTIBLE: The TEPHRA MAX™ CONVERTIBLE boasts a three-layer design that incorporates FLEXICORE™ technology, a SHOKBLOKER™ outer, and a GELFORM™ liner. It comes with a detachable helmet strap and is available in one size (senior) and three colour combinations.
  • LITHOS™ CONVERTIBLE: Made with medical-grade silicone rubber, the LITHOS™ CONVERTIBLE has been designed for wearers of fixed braces and comes with a detachable helmet strap. It’s available in a senior size and one of two colours.

“We have been eager to grow our presence in the US since launching in Canada in 2018,” said Robert Davies, Managing Director of Makura Sport, “but in order to effectively service our US distributors, we knew we needed to have mouthguards on the ground that could be shipped and delivered quickly and conveniently throughout the US. Establishing distribution capabilities out of California makes that possible.”

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