Case Study: Sidelines

Leading Canadian Sporting Goods Distributor Partners with Makura to Supply Mouthguards to its 250+ Retailers Nationwide

Sidelines Sports™, established in 1989, is a premier Canadian-based sporting goods distributor. It stocks products from industry-leading suppliers and distributes to over 250 retailers nationwide, setting itself apart as the go-to source for the equipment, accessories, and gear today’s athletes need.

When looking for a mouthguard supplier, Sidelines had a clear idea of what it wanted—high-quality and innovative products plus a business relationship based on collaboration and mutual success. By partnering with Makura, they get both.

Why Sidelines Chooses Makura Mouthguards

Products Suited for Canadian Athletes

Makura had spent many years developing its brand name and reputation within Europe, specializing in providing mouthguards suited for that market. To make the most of opportunities in Canada and North America, however, Makura needed to adapt.

One of the most notable differences is that some of the most widely played Canadian and North American sports like hockey and football require a piece of equipment not used in popular European sports like field hockeya helmet. This makes a strap attaching their mouthguard to their helmet a key feature for many athletes who rely on helmets and mouthguards to keep themselves safe.

Prior to launching in Canada, only Makura’s IGNIS™ mouthguard was available as a convertible product. Makura has since launched fully convertible versions of all of its products including the TOKA™, TEPHRA MAX™, and LITHOS™. At the same time, Makura introduced a new product to the Canadian market, the KYRO PRO™.

Direct and Convenient Distribution and Shipping

To support its network of distributors, Makura maintains distribution centres in both the United Kingdom and Asia, enabling it to ship product from whichever location will ensure shorter lead times. Although most of Makura’s European distribution partners benefit from UK-based shipping, Sidelines was in a different position.

To ensure rapid and convenient shipping, Makura ships its product to Sidelines directly from Asia, getting product to Canada quickly so customers aren’t left waiting.

A Business Relationship Based on Cooperation and Collaboration

Ultimately, Sidelines needed a partner who would be prepared to work with them. As a growing business itself, Makura is in the perfect position to work closely with Sidelines to supply precisely the products they need and craft business arrangements that drive success for both Sidelines and Makura over the long term.

Lithos Pro | Mouthguards | Makura Sport


Partnering with Makura has allowed Sidelines to diversify its product offering, setting itself apart as the go-to source for the equipment, accessories, and gear today’s athletes need. For Makura, it has given the company the opportunity to expand its horizons within North America.

“We are excited to work with Makura to expand its presence in Canada and make it the preferred choice everywhere one Canadian athlete at a time! We are looking forward to a great long-term business relationship with Makura Sport,” said Bruce Behrend, Owner of Sidelines Sports.

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