Case Study: Sportech

Leading Distributor of Sports Products in Ireland Partners with Makura Sport to Get the Best of Both Worlds—Top Quality Mouthguards plus a Business Relationship Tailor-made for Them

Sportech has been one of Ireland’s leading sports goods and accessories distributors since being founded in 1999. It’s proud today to still be a fully Irish-owned company that has built its reputation over almost two decades by providing high quality products from top brands, acting as a bridge between suppliers and retailers, and always staying a step ahead to anticipate the end user’s evolving needs.

When it began distributing mouthguards, Sportech worked with some of the biggest names in the ready-made mouthguard space. A common obstacle with many manufacturer-distributor partnerships is that, although these give distributors access to the type and quality of mouthguards they need, the working relationship can feel too much like a one-way street.

Sportech chose Makura Sport to get the highest quality mouthguards that retailers and athletes would love from a partner ready to work closely and collaboratively with them to ensure mutual success.

Why Sportech Chooses Makura Mouthguards

A Collaborative Relationship

There were two things Sportech didn’t want—prescriptive contracts made for everyone and the obligation to sell related products in which they weren’t interested.

As a growing business itself that specializes in developing and manufacturing mouthguards, Makura was in a perfect position to work side by side with Sportech. It continues to supply precisely the products Sportech needs and craft arrangements meant to drive success for both Sportech and Makura over the long term.

The Essential Certifications

Distributing products within Ireland meant Sportech needed a partner that could prove its mouthguards were CE certified.

Makura’s mouthguards have been tested by SATRA, an independent and UK-based third party, to ensure they are fully CE approved and certified. They have achieved Level 2 and Level 3 Impact Resistance and have undergone chemical testing to confirm the materials used won’t harm users.

Always-in-Stock Product and Rapid Shipping

To support its retailers, Sportech must make sure it has the right product on hand where and when it’s needed. With distribution centres located in both the United Kingdom and Asia, Makura is always ready to ship product from whichever location will mean shorter lead times for its distributors. This means Sportech gets product quickly so that retailers and end users aren’t left waiting.

“Our success is based on the superb range of Makura mouthguards, which give exceptional value at each price point,” said Gary Jermyn, Managing Director, Sportech Limited. “With the superb back-up from Makura’s head office, we are never out of stock.

Toka Pro | Mouthguards | Makura Sport

Ignis Pro | Mouthguards | Makura Sport

Tephra Max | Mouthguards | Makura Sport

Lithos Pro | Mouthguards | Makura Sport


Since partnering with Makura almost a decade ago, Sportech has set itself apart as Makura’s exclusive distributor in Ireland and has played the instrumental role in making Makura the mouthguard of choice among Irish athletes.

 “We are happy. Our retailers are happy. And most importantly, the sportsmen and sportswomen who use Makura mouthguards are happy. That happiness is what makes Makura the number one mouthguard brand in Ireland!”

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