Information For Distributors

At Makura Sport, our mission is simple: to provide our partners and customers with innovative products that exceed expectations and make us the protection of choice for athletes around the world.

Since our inception, we’ve developed a reputation among distributors for delivering high quality products at competitive prices for athletes engaged in contact sports.

Headquartered in Cardiff, Wales, we produce our complete line-up of mouthguards at a dedicated factory in Asia using tooling that we own. Maintaining distribution centres in both Asia and the United Kingdom enables us to send product from whichever location will mean shorter lead times for you.

All of our mouthguards have undergone rigorous testing and are fully CE certified. This means hassle-free selling within Europe for our European partners. For clients outside of Europe, the CE marking gives added assurance that Makura mouthguards adhere to the highest quality and safety standards.

Ultimately, our goal is to be the supplier distributors want to have as their partner. As a growing business ourselves, we understand that no two companies are alike. Our team is ready to work with you, creating agreements that are mutually beneficial for us both. We can ship our products anywhere around the world and sell only to distributors, providing expert customer support where and when you need us.

Access the Resources You Need

Our resources page—reserved only for distributors—has everything you need (product sheets, FAQs, technical documents, and more) to learn about and sell our complete line-up of mouthguards.

What We Sell

There’s something to be said for doing one thing and doing it well. At Makura, our one thing is mouthguards.

Makura manufactures and distributes a wide range of mouthguards for athletes of any age and sport:

  • The TOKA PRO is our entry level BOIL & BITE mouthguard. It’s made with a super tough SHOKBLOKER body and provides Level 2 Impact Resistance. It comes in two sizes (junior and senior) and is available in six colours.
  • The IGNIS PRO combines a SHOKBLOKER outer with a GELFORM liner to deliver the ultimate protection and a comfortable fit. It’s Level 2 Impact Resistant, comes in both junior and senior sizes, and is available in five colour combinations.
  • The IGNIS CONVERTIBLE gives athletes all the features they love in the IGNIS PRO—the super tough SHOKBLOKER outer, GELFORM liner, BOIL & BITE fit, and more—plus a strap to attach the mouthguard to a helmet. The IGNIS CONVERTIBLE is Level 2 Impact Resistant. It’s available in junior and senior sizes and comes in three colour combinations.
  • The TEPHRA MAX’s three-layer design features FLEXICORE for maximum shock absorption, a SHOKBLOKER outer, and a GELFORM liner. It offers the highest level of impact resistance for mouth-adapted mouthguards (Level 3), is available in one size (senior), and comes in three colour combinations.
  • The LITHOS PRO is specially designed for wearers of fixed braces, being made with medical-grade silicone rubber. This ready-made mouthguard features an ORTHO CHANNEL to fit over braces for a secure, comfortable fit. It has achieved Level 2 Impact Resistance, the highest possible level for ready-made mouthguards. The LITHOS PRO is available in one size (senior) and comes in two colours.

All of Makura’s mouthguards are fully CE approved, having been tested and verified by SATRA, an independent third party.