Mouthguard Fitting Instructions

Toka Pro®

The TOKA PRO® mouthguard is made with a super tough SHOKBLOKER® outer to provide superior protection, while BOIL & BITE® technology ensures a secure fit and uncompromised comfort. It is CE certified and has achieved Level 2 Impact Resistance through independent testing. It’s available in two sizes (junior and senior) and comes in six colours.

Ignis Pro®

The IGNIS® PRO combines a super tough SHOKBLOKER® outer and a GELFORM® liner to deliver the ultimate protection and a comfortable fit. Makura’s IGNIS PRO® is CE certified by an independent third party and Level 2 Impact Resistant. It comes in both junior and senior sizes and is available in three colour combinations.

Ignis® Convertible

The IGNIS® CONVERTIBLE gives you all the features you love in the IGNIS PRO®—the super tough SHOKBLOKER® outer, GELFORM® liner, BOIL & BITE® fit, and more—plus a strap you can use to attach your mouthguard to your helmet. It’s CE approved, Level 2 Impact Resistant, available in two sizes, and comes in three colour combinations.

Tephra Max®

The TEPHRA MAX®’s three-layer design features FLEXICORE® technology for maximum shock absorption, a SHOKBLOKER® outer, and a GELFORM® liner for supreme comfort. It’s CE certified and boasts the highest level of impact resistance and protection for mouth-adapted mouthguards (Level 3). It comes in one size (senior) and three colour combinations.

Lithos Pro®

The LITHOS PRO® is specially designed for wearers of fixed braces, being made with medical-grade silicone rubber. This ready-made mouthguard features an ORTHO CHANNEL to fit over braces for a secure, comfortable fit. It’s CE certified, Level 2 Impact Resistant, available in one size (senior), and comes in two colours.