Lithos Pro®

The LITHOS PRO® is specially designed for wearers of fixed braces, being made with medical-grade silicone rubber. This ready-made mouthguard features an ORTHO CHANNEL to fit over braces for a secure, comfortable fit. It’s CE certified (click here to access the certification document [PDF]) and has achieved Level 2 Impact Resistance (the highest achievable level for ready-made mouthguards) during independent testing by SATRA.

The LITHOS PRO® is available in one size (‘senior’ for users age 11 and over) and comes in two colours:

  • Icy Blue
  • Crystal Pink

Additional Information

Designed for Use with Braces

Our ready-made mouthguard was created specifically for wearers of fixed braces.

ORTHO Channel

Fits over fixed braces for a secure and comfortable fit.


Absorbs and diffuses frontal and transverse impact.


Improves breathing while the jaw is closed.


Raised areas on the underside prevent slipping while the jaw is closed.

CE Certified

All of our mouthguards are CE certified by an independent third party.